ContinuousOuterCovering/ReversibleInnards Housing units at Strasbourg

The project proposes a continuous façade, a sheathing along uninterrupted ribbons of bow-windows, in front or behind a series of living spaces. The intent is to thwart the rigidities of an undifferentiated symmetrical plan and its rigid geometrics. The façade ceases to be just a covering more or less comely, more or less reflecting a trifling, run-of-the-mill interior, and becomes a rich source, generating diversified and unexpected living spaces.

A series of housing units following the same rules as to exposure are covered by a thick façade inspired by the Moebius ribbon, alternating inner and outer positioning. Facilitated by the bow-window leitmotiv, it can expand the inner spaces, either those devoted to living rooms or those reserved for bedrooms.

Arnoldo Rivkin, Jamil Mehdauoi

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