Buenos Aires Amphibious: Floating Platforms

Instead of ignoring the strong presence of the River, the project hinges on the interface “water-terra firma” as a determining factor of urban life.
Instead of filling up the shoreline in a trite attempt to gain terrain over the water, the project creates an entirely novel adjacent urban space offering spectacular views of the conjunction River/urban skyline.

The new “Floating Platforms”, level with the water along the shore, inject a connection with a limitless horizon right next to the high-density urban agglomeration contiguous to the Port. And, above all, the Platforms offer to the city dwellers a unique view of their Buenos Aires, resembling the momentous views so eloquently described by Le Corbusier:

“The limitless horizontal of the River, sweeping from left to right, under your Argentine sky with its surfeit of stars; and Buenos Aires, a straight line of lights extended from the infinite at left to the infinite at right …”

Arnoldo Rivkin / ENSAV-FADU

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