The Majestic Horizontal: North Dock

“That is all … Buenos Aires has nothing else, no diverse or picturesque landscape, just this conjunction of Pampa and River in a powerful line, infinite, glittering and straightt … the majestic, illustrious horizontal… What an invitation to a voyage !” Le Corbusier

Thick Urban Park
Taking advantage of the natural one-sided ravine, a layer carved above the intense port traffic, prolongs the pedestrian circulation from the city, with a path leading to a an awe-inspiring space bursting with vegetation. A canopy above level mingles with the canopy of trees, framing the grandiose horizontal of the River.

Elevated Contour Cornices
Above the Thick Park, a series of urban services –-stores, shops, recreation centers, etc— create an elevated boardwalk with grandiose views over the conjunction city-river, “the majestic horizontal.”

Verticality and the horizon line
A series of high-rises, added to the existent buildings, are linked by a series of elevated platforms, offering a vantage point for yet another set of awesome views, comparable to the views from the bows of a ship approaching the port.

Arnoldo Rivkin, Remi Rouyer, Sébastien Rinckel, Maud Godard, Gad Benarroch (DV-lab)

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