Urban Mimetic Fields: SamplingHousing2

“In my opinion, sampling is a sort of mechanism for travelling back in time. It is a means of manipulation and reconfiguration in the present of bits and pieces from the past, allowing present permutations to become harbingers of future harmonies …”          DJ Spooky

The project for a group of low-density housing units to be built at the 19th Paris arrondissement (Mouzaia Street) is the result of assembling a variety of “samples” (understood in the sense used for composing electronic music), after a process of selection, grouping and transformation, geared to obtain new and unexpected configurations.
Starting from a precise typology (Phylum), “samples” mutually articulated are being organized in subgroups of three or four housing units each, with individual direct access from the street.

The development is the result of a Plan-Process, both precise and open-ended. Instead of abiding by the formal laws of a geometric composition, it obeys the reciprocal dynamics of interactive forces stemming from the “weighing of masses” (Choisy).

The outcome is a morphed conglomerate of housing units, defined on the basis of the force field stemming from the inside of each housing unit; an urban mimetic field endowed with an all-pervading reversibility.

Arnoldo Rivkin – ENSAV

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