South Delta: Estuary-Strata

South Delta (Over the Delta) is a project conceived not “in spite of” but “with” the lake-like environment of the Rio de la Plata Estuary.

Instead of altering the natural lands and squashing the natural landscape to establish so-called “marinas,” at odds with the local ecosystem, the project embodies the quivering, palpitating Nature in constant movement (water running, exuberant vegetation, biodiversity,) creating a unique inhabitable space.

Two layered strata frame and are framed by the luscious watery environment of the Estuary:

  1. Floating Stratum: Positioned flush with the tree canopy’s top, is where housing, working and recreational spaces are located
  2. Amphibious Stratum: Positioned between the land level and the water level, is where all the ancillary equipment and services are located, including commercial, sportive, touristic and miscellaneous spaces are located

Floating Stratum

Amphibious Stratum

Arnoldo Rivkin, Rémi Rouyer / ENSAV-FADU

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