GMF Grafts Genetically ModifiedFields

Research by the Ministry of Culture, France

“Art imitates Nature”

Delving today into Aristotle’s dictum entails a new understanding of the nexus Architecture/Nature, on the basis not of the shapes of masses to be built, but of their spatial intrinsic substance. Space being considered not in its geometry, but in its atmosphere.

Two types of materials allow to substantiate this evanescent atmosphere in two different versions, each by means of a different anchoring:
Material: smoke / Anchoring: device
Material: fog / Anchoring: model
The idea is to create an embodiment almost devoid of materiality, reshaping itself in a powdery cloud according to the varying angles of reflected light.
In parallel, a digital mechanism, PureData, steers the multiple interactions among different sensory registers.

Note: These GMF Grafts are applicable to Venice Lagoon.

Arnoldo Rivkin, Jamil Mehdauoi, Brand Kligerman

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