New Land

Exposition & Convention Center of Buenos Aires City

The project for the Exposition & Convention Center of Buenos Aires City looks as if a vast planted field is rising from the ground over an urban park.
It has to do with a foliage-roof hardly rising above the ground leaving you to think that you are in the midst of a great urban facility. The exposition halls are situated in the valley of a soft hill from which a transparent roof emerges. On the other hand, this cover acts as technical support to a huge “hydroponic” field (a plantation without soil).

In the middle of an urban space, an enormous tapestry of living plants and flowers reflects the cyclical rhythms of nature.
With the changing of seasons, the textures and colors of the plants living on the roof are intensified, softened, transformed.
With day becoming night, light reverses and then the visual quality of what surrounds us changes.
If by day, the light from the sky penetrates inside, by night the artificial light coming from the exhibition hall illuminates from the bottom with the suspended plants hanging from the clear roof.

Suddenly, in the middle of the urban space, barely rising from the ground, a NEW LAND reveals its brilliance.

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Arnoldo Rivkin, Sébastien Rinckel, Rémi Rouyer

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