Both at home at in the city

Exhibition from 5 to July 26, 2014 | Galerie Sémiose | 54, rue Chapon 75003 Paris
T. 09 79 26 16 38 |

What if designing the city was nothing other than architecture?

While intimate, the dwelling alcove, the house, is a window to the world, capturing the outside. These diverse situations, ranging between the scattered individuality and the concentration of exchanges, between pre-established networks and unexpected encounters, are assembled
by the city.

Designing the city is establishing divisions of sameness at the same time as it is playing-up local differentiation, going to the frontier of perceived limits. The architectural project consists in modeling the inside as much as the outside of the house, as much the architectural and urban partitioning  as the territorial essence. Therefore,  the natural environment and its ecology is not understood as context but as a question internal to the architectural project.

All these issues are positioned within four projects, spanning from the design of the city to its architecture, from landscapes to ecosystems, from physical space to digital environments : Horizon-horizontal, edifice-city, Openfield, and Nova Terra.


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