According to our conceptualization of Architecture, it is a special kind of knowledge, aimed at producing, by means of our contemporary tools, what Nature does not offer. This knowledge, called tekné in olden times, is today articulated in three different realms, strongly inter-connected:

The one that encompasses from urban Architecture to the territorial ecosystem. We call it energies because at the territory’s center there is a hidden, latent reserve of a cosmic gravitational force (Lhéte).

The one which includes both the single individual piece of Architecture and the urban conglomerate into which it is embedded. We call it partitions because, in order to infuse life into space, it has to be cut, sliced, assembled and bundled, in successive iterations from the inside to the outside.

The one bridging material spaces and the environments created by means of new technologies. We call it crossings because, if Architecture is shaped by its limits, be them physical or inmaterial, the challenge is to pierce the fencing, overriding it, and thus, to move across boundaries, conquering any frontiers.